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Additional Services

Additional Services

In addition to the valuation services of all types of assets Advance performs extra services regarding real estate

Insurance assistance is a separate activity aimed at insurance companies and brokers and includes the following services:

•    Inspection and valuation of the condition of a subject to insurance: property and cars
•    Inspecting insured property upon the occurrence of an insured event: property, CASCO, Motor Third Party Liability Insurance (MTPL)
•    Preparation and collection of documents for damage inspection and conducting of technical expertise analysis.

Advance offers the following consultancy services:
•    Market research and analysis
•    Determining rent levels for commercial, business, and private property and equipment
•    Financial analysis and consulting in the private sector
•    Financial analysis and consulting for business clients
•    Outsourced management of investment portfolios
•    Financial management.

Home inspections are performed using infrared thermal imaging, a technology which detects the smallest deviations in surface temperature caused by humidity, leaks, molds, poor electrical connections, lack of thermal insulation, condensation, etc.

The main advantage of this service is the optimization of all construction and installation activities. Following each inspection, we provide a report on the actual condition of the building and recommendations for necessary and optimal renovation activities.