Cooperation Agreement signed with UNWE


Mrs. Tzenka Bozhilova, on behalf of the Chairman of the Chamber of Professional Valuers (CPV) and the Rector University of National and World Economy Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov signed a memorandum of cooperation between two institutions.

The memorandum envisages partnership in supporting the quality of education of students and doctoral students by organizing public lectures and discussions, raising the qualification of practical certified assessors, as well as qualification events and round tables, providing opportunities for career development and realization of UNWE students' visits. on site, meetings with internships, study and undergraduate internships and internships, etc.

The document also states that UNWE and CPV will cooperate in organizing international forums and master classes, research and scientific research, scientific events at competitions and more. of mutual interest.

"The main idea we want to develop is to meet business experts. We are developing a system in which students with teachers can train in companies throughout the semester, "said Rector Prof. Dimitrov.

"Our desire is to enable young people who graduate from higher education to practice in our organizations," said Mrs. Bozhilova.