Advance is among the founders of BNI Industry

On July 28, the newest BNI company was established - BNI Industry, part of the global network BNI (Business Networking International) - an international organization that helps its members grow their business through a structured, positive and professional business marketing program. recommendations.

The companies that are part of BNI Industry have many years of experience as business owners who serve the industrial sector - construction, machinery and equipment, energy resources, forwarding and logistics, project management, various types of production, occupational medicine, audit, insurance, printing and branding, public relations (PR), interior design, installations, expert assessments and much more.

Advance is one of the founders of the company and has the exclusive opportunity to represent the appraisal business in BNI Industry.

BNI's philosophy is "You gain more when you help others win!" The core values ​​it focuses on are tradition, innovation, recognition and responsibility. The strength of BNI Industry is in the strength of shared values, the huge positive energy that unites local businesses and helps them together to become smarter, bigger and leave a more significant mark.

What do BNI Industry members receive?

Marketing team of 30+ people
Create new contacts every week
New business opportunities
More customers
Opportunity to create strategic partnerships
Positive and supportive environment for development
Ongoing training to increase efficiency

What is expected of members?

Quality products and services
Observance of the company's values

We believe that Advance's membership in BNI Industry is a good business opportunity to expand the network of contacts in specialized professional circles, where it can offer expert appraisal services.