Cenka Bojilova - among the top 33 business ladies in the country


Each year, Manager magazine presents 33 ladies from the country's business elite as part of a special issue called "The Woman is."

The interview questions were asked by famous male celebrities in Bulgaria. Here are her answers to Mrs. Bozhilova.

Questions from Levon Hampartzoumian, Chairman of the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum:

What is the biggest challenge you face?

To enter into a business that I do not know as a product and competition and to develop the company as a corporate structure and not as a company wholly dependent on its creator.

LH: What advice would you give to the next generation of leaders?

Not to deny everything that was done before them, to pay enough attention to the "human element", not just the technical one.

The Question of Alexander Dimitrov, Chairman of the Board and CEO of A1:

Which one would you put first - education or practice?

I would not prioritize them: they have to go hand in hand. I view education as a continuous process: not only to finish something, but to learn throughout life. On the other hand, practice requires that what is learned is applied and that new solutions are sought in order to improve the end result.

The Question of Vladimir Karamazov, Actor and Producer:

If they tell you that you came here just because of your luck, what will you answer?

I do not deny that I have been fortunate enough to work in areas I like and with people from whom I have learned a lot. To a large extent, however, this was the result of my own choice, and my energy and workaholism can hardly be considered "luck."