Advance in partnership with proptech start-up


The Proptech industry is changing the real estate market quite dynamically and is now more versatile, customer oriented and flexible. New solutions are responding to customer needs. Companies, in turn, are looking for quick and adequate technological answers to their customers' expectations. The market for valuation services is also developing as an element of the business process that real estate outlines broadly.

In this context of the environment, Advance actively supports innovation in the property sector and supports Revalue, a proptech start-up specializing in business real estate. Revalue is an online platform providing analytical information about the real estate market in Bulgaria. It has a unique database of over 6000 real estate transactions in the country. In addition, the platform provides statistical and analytical information on the property market, visualizing dynamic chart data for over 100 indicators, with the ability to compare different indicators and data from 2005 to the present.

The joint project that Advance and Revalue are launching will provide new opportunities for appraisers to work in an active environment where market intelligence is a valuable resource and a guarantee of a high level of professionalism in the preparation of appraisal analyzes. This collaboration is a great example of how technology can work in the service of business, and both parties together can bring benefits to the end customer.