Advance team participates in seminar witj Romanian lecturer Mr. George Badescu


The Chamber of Professional Appraisers is organizing a national seminar with international participation in the person of the lecturer, Mr George Badescu, Romania, on 13 and 14 September. The topic of the seminar was "Market Approach in Real Estate Appraisal", with an interest of nearly 100 appraisers from all over the country. The training was conducted in two modules - theoretical and practical, with specific case studies for assessing different types of properties for different purposes and applying a market approach to them.

The event was held in Borovets - Hotel Lyon.

Participants report their participation in this seminar as a course in their personal continuing professional development programs, totaling 8 academic hours.

George Badescu is the founder of the Romanian Association of Appraisers ANEVAR and its chairman for 9 years (1992-2001). He is a board member of the international evaluation organization IVSC and is a recognized speaker in Europe and around the world.