The Managing Partner of Advance - Tzenka Bojilova heads CPV


Ms. Tzenka Bozhilova took over the Chair of the Chamber of Professional Appraisers for a term of 2 years. There are currently close to 50 members in the Chamber, all of which are leading assessment and consulting companies in the country.

The Chamber of Professional Appraiser
s is an independent, privately held public benefit organization based on the principles of expertise, experience, honesty and integrity.

It was established in 2009 to support the exercise of the profession of independent appraiser in the interest of the Bulgarian society through:

    Introducing international best practices in assessment
    Compliance with the Code of Ethics of Appraisers
    Organizing courses and seminars to support and enhance the qualifications of professional assessors.

The Chamber of Professional Appraisers is formally authorized by TEGoVA to award the REV - Recognised European Valuer to appraisers in Bulgaria.