New REV valuers in Advance

Four other Advance Appraisers received the privilege to be among the "Recognized European Valuers" (REV) in Bulgaria. These are Mario Marinov, Borislav Kalinov, Garo Topakbashian and Svetlana Kuleva. With this REV, the company's rating is 9 in total.

REV status is a measure of professionalism with respect to real estate valuers. This status is awarded to leading evaluators and companies in Europe and is proof that they are qualified according to the highest requirements of European Standards and Practice. The REV message allows investors and users of valuation services from all over the world to find local assessors, qualified European requirements for real estate valuation. This enables both large and small appraisers and individual appraisers to break through to an increasingly competitive appraisal market in Europe.

In times of economic instability, REV status provides national security for users that the appraisal services they will use will be provided by professionals with special knowledge and experience that will enable them to make informed investment decisions. The competitive advantage for evaluators with REV status is the proof that they have a minimum of professional knowledge and experience as well as a thorough knowledge of European Standards of Appraisal to enable them to interpret and apply their principles at national level.