advance launches new office in Ruse

Advance Valuations launches a new bigger office in Ruse, serving the city and the region. Head of the regional office is Vanya Hristova - real estate appraiser, expert in real estate and customer service.

In connection with the occasion to gather its clients, the office in Ruse presented some analytical observations, which he drew from his practice in the region:

The trends of the average prices of all types of residential properties continued, with the two-room apartments growing at 8.5% and in the three-room apartments - 2.5%. The information is based on the valuations of real estates prepared in the last year by the assessors of Advance Expert Ratings on the territory of the city of Ruse.

The most preferred neighborhoods for living, according to the figures for the change of values ​​in the first quarter of 2019 compared to 2018, are the Renaissance and Center. Follows Yalta, Broad Center and Zdravets. Less preferred, but not least, are Rodina, Druzhba and Charmedika. The most unattractive are the apartments in the districts of the State Property and Sugar Factory, where the properties are valued in the range from 340 to 390 euro / sq.m.

The market value of the garages varies between 4,000 and 8,000 euros, depending on the location and location of the building (ground-basement).

In office areas, the average increase is the highest - 14%, with demand mainly concentrated in the Center, where the values ​​are the highest - range 450-850 EUR / sq.m., depending on location, people flow, state , floor and parking.

For industrial properties and warehouses, the market value ranges from 200 to 450 euro / sq m, with the Industrial Zone of the city being the most preferred.

Regarding empty plots, their value varies from 150 to 300 euro / sq.m. in the central parts of the city suitable for residential development and from 20 to 65 euro / sq.m. in the industrial zones and the districts, and in the surrounding villages - from 6 to 15 euro / sq.m.