Valuer Profession

Asset valuers are experts that are not very popular, although their services are widely used. Most often we need them when we taking morgage for buying property or when we want to sell something that we do not know the value of.

According to the unofficial data of the guild in Bulgaria there are about 3,000 qualified expert assessors, the number of them being insufficient and there is a shortage in the market. A large number of those working in the specialty are elderly and need staff. And the reason is that once an asset is valued, an asset needs to be updated. This makes evaluators work indispensable both in the years of growth and in the years of crisis for the economic cycle.

The entrance to this profession can be either a general economic specialty or engineering or technical education. And with the acquisition of the certificate of competency, only the beginning of a long process of skills upgrading.

Employees as guild evaluators have a shortage of professionals and digitization will not "bite" their bread. And unlike other professions there is no danger of becoming redundant with the transfer of the fifties.

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