Advance initiates new project Balkan Valuation Network


On September 7, 2018 in Bucharest, at the International Business Conference, two of the leading companies in the valuation market in Romania and Bulgaria reached an agreement to establish a Balkan Valuation Network. These are Advance Valuations - a leader in the market for valuation services in Bulgaria and Fair Value - a company of the same scale and with a leading role in the valuation market in Romania.

Both companies

  •     prepare different types of valuations for different types of users
  •     have a strong presence in the lists of banks for which they make multiple assessments
  •     work with networks of assessors covering the territory of the country concerned
  •     have a sustainable development of the market for valuation services and are undertaking serious measures to enhance the professional skills of appraisers working for them through permanent qualification programs
  •     are regulated by RICS companies.

Collaborative plans include

  •     Exchange information on the market and trends in the country concerned
  •     Professional training on topics of mutual interest.