GDPR and Real Estate Market - Good Marriage or What


"Do you agree to take Company X as your legal data administrator now and forever?" Refusal is not accepted.

Dozens of similar GDPR bindings have happened recently in our on-line reality. And what behavior to choose as users of public services is a matter of choosing whether to stay isolated from the world around us or continue to use the services we need.
The consequences of this linking are not yet clear, unlike the situation when you refuse to give your consent - namely, information isolation. And if we accept to be part of the GDPR engagement, what benefits can we expect or what promises are made:
Enhancing online security - GDPR enhances consumer confidence and empowerment in business. And for business, it means that it must take the responsibility and strictly control the leakage of information and the processing of personal data.
Opportunity for "forgetting" - The Regulation gives consumers new or extended rights, including in many cases the right to see, correct or delete personal information about themselves. Recent studies show that 1 in 4 users will probably exercise this right.
The less, the better - GDPR creates or tightens a number of obligations for companies by minimizing the information they collect from users.

What happens on the property market in the context of GDPR agreements?
The real estate market has undoubtedly started to interpret and interpret the Regulation in the direction of the address of the property, its photos on the ads sites, the property records whether personal data and the degree of control and protection to be treated. Large on-line property sales and rentals have rethought their privacy and data protection policies and have strictly defined the rules under which ads can be published. We hope this will significantly reduce the number of "false ads" and "fake accounts".
Realtors' expectations are GDPR requirements to capture large and serious players from malicious people in on-line reality.

Does Property Valuations comply with GDPR Policy?
As an organic market participants valuers are committed to the responsible and legitimate management of their customers' personal data. To a large extent, these are personal data once provided through the consent of the bank that finances the purchase of properties and thus are already in a strict treatment and storage regime. On the other hand, the valuer is the competent person who personally enters the property, has the ownership documents and makes a photo archive on the site. In this sense, it is extremely important for the valuation of an assessor to seek professional experience and expertise that we can undoubtedly trust in  about the appropriate use of personal data. It is important that the name and brand are responsible for the processing of your personal data.

In conclusion, it remains to be hoped that consumers will be more careful when agreeing to use on-line services and to make the most of the rights that the Regulation delegates to them. Because its goal is to place the responsibility entirely on the user and his personal cyber culture.
How many GDPR bindings have you given lately?