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Advance values the full range of real estate properties:

  • Land property
  • Residential property: apartment, house, floor of a house, country house, residential buildings and supplementary parking, garage, or a parking spot with additional value
  • Commercial and Retail property: independent shops or part of a shopping center, restaurants, service centers, retail centers
  • Office property: offices and administrative buildings
  • Industrial property: warehouses, agricultural property, production and infrastructure facilities
  • Tourist accommodation and sights: hotels, motels, guest houses; museums, churches
  • Trade property: petrol stations, natural gas stations,water power plants, solar energy plants
  • Communal property: sport facilities, hospitals, schools, public transport property
  • Mixed-use property
  • Government/Municipal property

Prices of valuation services:

Prices are based on the type and quantity of property valued.

For sprecific prces at your request please contact us on 0800 150 88.

Standard timeframes for conducting a valuation:

  • Land in/out of regulation: 3 days
  • Apartment: 3 days
  • 1-storey house with adjoining land: 3 days
  • Retail property /up to 100 sq.m./ - 3 days
  • Office /up to 200 sq.m./: 3 days
  • Warehouse with land /up to 300 sq.m./: 3-5 days.

Depending on the complexity and purpose of the valuation, the above-mentioned timeframes are subject to change.