Agricultural land, Forests


Agricultural land, Forests icon Agricultural land, Forests

  • Land: fields, pastures, meadows
  • Perennial crops: orchards, vineyards, perennial coppices keeping in account the annual fruit-yield; produce quality; crops’ remaining life-span; respective equipment and improvements in the property, such as irrigation systems, drainage systems, regulatory systems, and other support systems; as well as the market conditions for the respective type of produce.

Prices of agricultural plot depend on the type of property valued.

For sprecific prces at your request please contact us on 0800 150 88.

Documents needed for preparing a valuation are ownership documents, current layout plot and other documents depending on the type of property.

Timeframes typically cover 3 to 9 work days depending on the specifics of the property valued.

For specific timeframes at your request please contact us on 0800 15088.