We work for the favour of our customers and society as we execute professional independant valuations following the best appraisers practice.

Real estate

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Business and business interests

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Machinery and equipment

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Agricultural land

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Intangible assets

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Who we are

ADVANCE is RICS regulated company, ranked among the top three valuation companies in the country

Financial institutions
Valuations p.a.

We are certified for valuation of real estate property, machinery and equipment, enterprises and receivables, agricultural property, rights of intellectual property and other assets /jewelry and gems/ - Reg. № 914600023, 04.01.2022 - CIAB.

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ADVANCE performs valuations of all types of assets for a variety of purposes:

  • bank lending
  • assets sale or purchase
  • financial statement certification
  •  accounting
  • development of investment projects
  • affiliate party deals
  • determination of insurance value etc.

Regarding Regulation 679/2016 for personal data protection /GDPR/ we guarantee responsible and law compliant attitude towards our clients personal data.

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